Even though we are a small community, we are a very vibrant and active one. We have always had a very strong sense of community sprit and as a community we come together when needed to help with local causes and to create community events.Mass Rock, Bonane, Sheen Valley - 1060

Our strong sense of community in Bonane has led to many groups being formed. We have the Community Alert which has installed high tech alarms in the houses of all the elderly. KDYS has been in Bonane since 2002. A Golf Society which has an Annual Event for budding and amateur golfers. We also have the IFA and Beekeepers

We have a Women’s Group here in the Parish who after undertaking a Photography Course, designed and published a Photography Book, ‘Bonane: Its people and the places we call home!’ in 2003. This was a fabulous success and is held in high regard. It has led to many surrounding communities following in their footsteps. They also raised over €2500 by making and then raffling a quilt, this money was given to a local cancer charity.

Bonane Group Water Scheme which ensures every house in the community has both potable and a plentiful supply of drinking water.

When our school was in danger of being closed the community rallied together, enormous effort and lobbying went into this project and having raised £17,000 towards iKerry Tunnels, Bonane, Sheen Valley - 1147t in 1998 our new school was opened by the then Minister for Education, Michael Martin. This is still a very proud achievement for our community.

In 2002 our Polling Station was closed but again we lobbied and protested and we were successful in having it reopened in 2004.

We have a Rural Transport Bus which takes people to Kenmare weekly for shopping, as well as Killarney once a month. This is also a Social Bus since November 2006, which takes the people from the Parish to Kenmare on a Saturday night to visit family and friends or to socialize.  We have a Rambling House held in Molly Gallivan’s during the winter months and the older members of our community really enjoy this. This is also the venue for our renowned annual new year’s celebrations.

The Bonane Community Development Co-operative Society was formed with the prime objective of preserving the historical and archaeological sites of Bonane.  TheBonane Heritage Park, Bonane, Sheen Valley - 1276 current task being undertaken is the development of the Bonane Heritage Park at Dromagorteen. The site contains a significant number of diverse archaeological monuments.   The vision of the committee has always been that the Bonane Heritage Park should be owned and controlled by the community. To ensure that this objective is achieved and to provide funding for the project, the people of the parish and those connected with the parish are invited to subscribe for shares in the co-operative society. The shares are priced at €1 per share, so nobody need feel excluded.

Should you wish to contact us please email  [email protected]

You can also contact us by phone on +35383 106 0894.