Bonane, also spelled as ‘Bunane’, is located within County Kerry. Bonane is only 10 minutes of driving outside of Kenmare going towards Glengarriff in County Cork.

Bonane is a large parish made up of many smaller townlands, from Raileigh and Esk West to Derrynacoulagh, all nestled in the Sheen Valley Heritage Area in the Caha Mountains on the Beara Penisula, also known as the Ring of Beara.

Directionsbonane cover

From Glengarriff, take the N71 heading west to Kenmare.

From Kenmare, take the N71 heading east to Glengarriff.

Bonane is not only a small village, but a large parish occuping many smaller townlands.

The parish of Bonane extends from the tunnells on the West Cork boarder, into most of the Sheen Valley, along the River Sheen.

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Guide Books

Sheen Valley Heritage Area guide books are for sale at €5 in businesses such as Molly Gallivans Cottage & Lorge Chocolatier.  For more information, please email [email protected] or phone Stephen O’ Sullivan on 087-2433894.

Proceeds benefit the upkeep of walking and cycling routes in the area.


Sunshine: Records would indicate that we have at least some sunshine for 290 days during each year.

Temperature:The annual average air temperature is 10.5 C. The temperatures usually vary between 6.6 C and 15 C.

Rainfall: While many visitors would say that rainfall is our most memorable climatic feature, there is much local variation with the summit of the Caha mountain receiving something in the region of 3,400 millimetres annually and the parish floor receiving 1,700 millimetres of rainfall per year.