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Just when you thought the trickiest parts of making the transition from high school to college were over (testing, applications, interviews) the reality of packing up your life and moving to college is quickly sinking in. It’s fun for a while, but after a few semesters, many college students set their sights on something a bit more sophisticated and a lot more private: off-campus housing. Let"s face it—as a college student, you"re probably too busy procrastinating on your studies to worry about packing up and moving out.

Moving to college is the starting point of your self-improvement journey and you need to know how to perform it in a smooth and trouble-free manner in order to secure the successful launch of your life-changing adventure. But before you plunge headfirst into these unknown waters, make sure that you move off-campus for the right reasons and that you know how to swim.

Grand Park, Florida Movers For College Students

Why hire Grand Park, Florida movers for a college move

Hiring a Duval County, Florida Movers For College Students that specializes in helping college students move in and out of dorms can save you a ton of hassle. Instead of wasting your family’s and friends’ free time and exhausting them with the laborious moving procedures or paying all the charges for a moving van and having nobody to help you unload it when you arrive at your destination, you can just hire the moving services of a trustworthy company. When you hire a moving company, you can focus more on your studies and less on how you’re going to move.

Hiring a moving company to wrap and transport the items will save you time and money in having to replace something that was broken because you didn’t package it correctly. Professional movers are trained to use the most appropriate and efficient moving techniques to ensure that your household items are properly packed, shipped safely and promptly delivered to your new home intact and unbroken. No one wants to be stuck moving their stuff in alone, especially since there are often time constraints on move-in day at dormitories.

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How to hire Grand Park, Florida movers

Although you can find moving companies in Grand Park, Florida online or in the phonebook, it"s even easier if you seek reputable online reviews and ask friends, family, or local real estate professionals for referrals. At the same time, ask if there are any particular moving companies you should avoid.

A reputable moving company should be happy to put you in touch with someone that has moved with them in the recent past. Tell them you want a list of three customers from your area who have moved in the past three months. It"s rare that a company does not have any unhappy customers; the key is to ensure that if there were complaints, that in the end, the customer was satisfied with the result. Only the pros can handle a last minute move or a home move without sufficient time for standard organization.

The only thing about the cost of hiring movers that is worth remembering is that the moving price is estimated using the case-by-case principle – that is, nobody can tell you exactly how much your move will cost, not even experienced professional movers unless the pros visit your home in person and do an in-home cost estimation.

How to avoid moving scams in Grand Park, Florida

Not all quotes over the phone are legitimate, and crooks are unlikely to send an estimator to your home in advance, according to the American Moving & Storage Association. Don"t even consider outfits that bid jobs sight unseen, that answer the phone with generic greetings such as “movers" rather than a specific company name (unscrupulous movers use multiple names to elude angry customers), or whose websites list no physical address or information on their registration and insurance. By checking out some reviews you will also know what unfortunate scamming situations other people have been to and how you can beware and be careful for these not to happen to you. While any company can have an occasional incident or bad report, a pattern of poor customer service should be a red flag.

A mover in Grand Park, Florida 32209 that demands a deposit upfront likely has an agenda other than securely moving your belongings – like taking your money and running. There are several options for investigating movers, including government sites like, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration"s (FMCSA) site, By knowing the common scams carried out by a mover, using the tips to selecting a reputable mover and avoiding the things NOT to do during your move, you too, can enjoy a hassle-free, economic move experience.