Molly Gallivan’s


Molly Gallivan’s 200 year old cottage and farm is a family run business. At Molly Gallivan’s you will experience the simple country lifestyle in rural Ireland before the days of electricity and modern conveniences.

Molly’s enchanting cottage is over 200 years old. Her farm is complete with animals, fowl and traditional farm machinery. On the farm you can also visit the ghostly ruins of a family dwelling from the era of the Great Famine and a Neolithic Stone Row that forms part of an ancient sun calendar. After your visit you can enjoy a traditional Irish meal or home baking in Molly’s old teashop.

Molly Gallivan’s also host traditional Irish evenings. Guests are treated to a traditional Irish three course meal then relax around Molly’s open fire in her 200 year old cottage. Here, local actors, singers, musicians, dancers and story teller will perform for you in the true traditional Irish spirit.
Molly Gallivan’s is opened from March to November seven days a week. Information maps are provided in various languages. Guide Tours can be pre-booked on request.